Basic Introduction to NLP

This series of videos is a Basic Introduction to NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming.

The Basic NLP Map

In this video you will learn the basic NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Map.  It explains in a nutshell what NLP is and how it works.  This NLP Map is a tool you will use with your clients over and over again.  Even more importantly, understanding how you create your own reality is of utmost importance to help you become a master of your life and business.

The Basic NLP Presuppositions

In this video you will continue your basic understanding of NLP by learning about the basic NLP Presuppositions.  Think of a ‘presupposition’ as an attitude (similar but not as absolute as a belief) that, when taken, produces excellent results and helps to keep you and your clients as behaviorally flexible as possible.  I highly recommend you live by these basic principles.

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